NFL 2018-2019

NFL is starting again during this autumn. Registration must be done before
31 th of October 2018

ENTRY FEE 40€/TEAM is to be paid by bank transfer to


RECEIVER The Bridge League of Finland

IBAN            FI11 1548 3000 1004 96

BIC               NDEAFIHH


PAYER        To identify your payment, please write ‘NFL 2018, [Your Team]’ to free text field.

There will be needed number of  groups in NFL and teams will play once against each
others inside group. Match agreement is easily done in our own forum.
Instructions later. Two 16 board match should be played in three weeks, so
there is no hurry in our league. League will start in week 45  5th of Nowember. We have

high hopes to have many great quality teams in our league this year.

Homepage will be updated soon…



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Lasse Utter